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It is not hard to figure out why people become so obsessed with the pug. Their wrinkly little faces make you want to squish them! Pugs have personality to spare and they definitely dress up fancy! Check out these heart-melting and hilarious pugs in costume. They have us all beat!

Look at him! He bloody loves it.

Credit: Tumblr user octopussoir

Not to be outdone, check out at these Avenger pugs!

Credit: Imgur

Are you ready for it? It’s Yoda pug.

Credit: Damn Cool Pictures

How coy are these two geisha pugs?

Credit: Sugarscape

She is clearly not impressed by your charms.

A baked potato pug. Don’t you just want to eat him up?

Credit: Imgur

Last but not least. It’s Dr Spock pug.

Credit: PBH2

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