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We’ve all been there! First dates can be tricky! There’s tricky and then there’s downright dangerous, but you’re in good hands if you choose to have your date at The Iberian Rooster in Florida. The restaurant is offering female customers an out in the form of the ‘Angel Shot’. This shot isn’t a drink at all though, it’s a code-word that has been thought up by the owners of The Iberian Rooster.

The restaurant posted this sign in the women’s restroom:

Very cool @iberianrooster #safetyfirst

A photo posted by Channing Hailey (@channinghailey) on

Ask for an angel shot neat, and the bartender or another member of the staff will walk you to your car. Ask for one with ice, and the staff will call an Uber or taxi for you. Order one with lime, and the staff will alert the police.

So far, no requests have been made for the special ‘drink’, but that is definitely a good thing.

The ‘Angel Shot’ closely resembles a campaign from the United Kingdom that went viral on social media last year. The Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, a U.K. organization, urges women who are feeling unsafe on a date to approach waitstaff with the code “Ask for Angela.”

More restaurants and bars should be adopting tactics like this to keep women safe. With online dating becoming a social norm to meet new people, you never know when you could be in a potentially unsafe situation. Stay safe out there ladies!

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