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The fox is so sadly misunderstood. This beautiful and mysterious woodland creature has been characterized as an untrustworthy trickster and cunning troublemaker throughout folklore for hundreds of years. This depiction of the fox as a villain probably came from their little habit of sneaking in and killing farmers’ chickens. But, honestly, a fox has gotta eat! We’re completely smitten with these furry little guys and we’re pretty confident that you will be too after you see this compilation of 10 times foxes killed us with cuteness!

[Credit: Pinterest]

 This baby fennec fox is all ears but we’re all eyes for him!

[Credit: ZooBorns]

With their expressive eyes and sweet little faces, it’s hard not to fall in love with foxes.

[Credit: Imgur]

[Credit: Bianoti]

 These Arctic fox pups are double the trouble and a million times the cutest!

[Credit: ZooBorns]

[Credit: MrWallpaper]

Run wee desert fox! Run!

 How can you not melt when you see that face!

[Credit: CutestPaw]

They even wag their tails when they’re happy and make adorable strange little squeaky noises!









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